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Saturday, July 10, 2010


We have settled in to our summer home, our favorite place in the world, and one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. This is where DG and I met, where we fell in love (awww) and where he proposed. We were a bit late settling in here this year, but now that we are finally here we've been boating, building castles, staying up far too late with friends and family, catching crabs and minnows, digging sea clams, toasting marshmallows by the bonfire and reading lots of good books. The water has been shockingly warm (let's hear it for global warming! wooohooo - that's sarcasm, difficult to pick up via computer so I just thought I would clarify) so we've all been swimming lots and lots. It's rare that I put so much as a toe in this ocean, but I'm loving it this year. D and DG have been fishing up a storm, though so far they've only caught sand sharks and small cod.
We've been barbecuing, making fruity summer drinks and eating drippy watermelon. I've realized that my true calling in life is laziness, slothdom, and mastering the art of doing absolutely nothing. Ahhhhh, summer. I love it. And I feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place, where I can fully enjoy it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

busy bees

June has somehow become the new December. What used to signal the end of a busy school year has now become chock full of graduations, holidays, baby showers, recitals, end of year reporting to our school district, and packing up most of our belongings to move to our summer home. My visions of leisurely sitting on the beach, watching the kids splash in the surf has more or less been postponed until July. In the midst of the craziness the kids did participate in several recitals. J played in three violin recitals, and D pretty much rocked his recital, playing drums for the first time and possibly causing substantial hearing-loss for the people sitting in the front row. He also joined Julia in a duet on violin. It was nice to see him pick it up again and he was pleasantly surprised to find that he remembered how to play it.