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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Geography Fair

We had a great time at the Geography Fair and Closing Ceremony hosted by our HS co-op. D chose to create a project about the Galapagos Islands. Due to the events of the previous week he had very little time to prepare his project, so I was very pleased to see the dedication with which he applied himself in order to finish it on time. Although we weren't able to do all that we had planned, he did make a clay habitat using FIMO clay, and a poster showing various types of landscapes and vegetation on some of the islands. Watching him create his tiny creatures using FIMO brought me back to my childhood, when I used to spend hours rolling tiny FIMO clay beads to make jewelry.

All of the kids who participated were given a passport and as they traveled to other projects, trying different foods or learning about the culture of that country, they received a stamp for their passport. We enjoyed seeing all the projects that the kids created and learning new things about different places. There are some truly talented artists, poets, cooks, and all-around geography buffs in our group!

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