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Monday, May 10, 2010

a chilly day for a hike

It is May 10 and 45 degrees today. Ah, New England weather - it was 90 degrees a month ago and today we needed mittens. We went on a hike with our homeschooling friends at a beautiful sanctuary maintained by the Audubon Society. We saw geese, red-wing black birds, chickadees and some new birds we are excited to discover in our bird field guide. It was absolutely freezing and we really didn't dress for near blizzard (slight exaggeration - but only slight) conditions, so the girls and I spent some time in a little observation house overlooking the pond while D ran ahead with his friends. We watched some turtles sunbathing and watched a family of geese swimming and eating grass for quite some time. The goose-watching was only partly voluntary as the feathery family set up camp in the middle of the path, preventing any hope of escape. Any time we came within about six feet of the goslings mama and papa geese assumed angry, rabid goose attitude and prevented us from getting near them for fear of acquiring goose rabies. We finally opted to traipse through waist-deep grass instead, thus risking acquiring Lyme Disease. Ah, nature. But it was nice to watch the fluffy little goslings - like our very own Make Way for Ducklings.

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  1. It was quite chilly, but the kids had a GREAT time and when you stood in the sun and there was no breeze it ALMOST felt like spring!
    Great pics!!