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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Human Body part 1

January just seems to be cruising along here this year and I feel I am running along to keep up. It's hard to believe I haven't even sat down to post to our blog since before the holidays, so I'm carving out a bit of time tonight for a brief post about one of our favorites, science. We are fanatical science fans around here and right now are studying the human body and anatomy, so I thought I'd post from time to time about what we've been up to. This week we wrapped up our study of the respiratory system.

We recorded our resting heartbeat, and then checked it again after exercising and doing various activities to see how much it increased. We charted this on a graph. We also built our own model of the respiratory system with simple drawings, and a tube to represent the trachea. We used different colored math chips to show how red blood cells bring oxygen from the lungs to the heart, and then to different parts of the body in exchange for carbon dioxide, which is then returned to the heart, lung, and back out the nose.

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