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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stinky Liver Stan

Our human torso model arrived this week to aid in our study of the human body. In addition to removing his lungs, heart, stomach, liver, and intestines on a regular basis we are currently considering names for this handsome gentleman. So far it's a toss up between Naked Bob and Stinky Liver Stan.

We also did a quick experiment this week that helped us to 'see' air. We've been discussing how our nose, trachea, and lungs help us to breath air, and how our red blood cells take the oxygen from that air and circulate it throughout our body. Of course we can't taste, touch, or feel air (unless it's windy) so we looked at some air trapped in a glass. We added water to a bowl, and then food coloring to the water. We placed a paper towel in the top of a glass and placed the glass, open side down, in the bowl of colored water. We could see the clear air trapped in the glass, and that the paper towel stayed dry with the glass placed upside down. When we tipped the glass the air escaped in bubbles, which we could also see. This was a spontaneous experiment we decided to do after reading Air is All Around You, a Let's Read and Find out Book. The experiment is included in the book.

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