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Friday, March 26, 2010

Three sick kids, sunshine, a holiday, and a field trip

We've spent most of this week in the house, with all three kids sick with fevers, colds, and/or coughs. DG was traveling for part of the week for business, which meant that I was truly trapped, in the house, with no escape with 3 sick children. In general we like to keep busy by getting out every day, whether it's to a class or lesson, the library, to have lunch out with family, or to spend some time exploring nature, so being in the house for days on end makes me feel that I am slowly losing my grip on reality.

However, we did manage to make it outside to spend a beautiful, sunny March day playing a fiercely competitive game of family soccer. It was so nice to see the sun after so much rain and cold this month. We celebrated Saint Patrick's Day by reading about the myths, legends, and life of Saint Patrick and the history of Ireland. We did some art projects and a cooked a somewhat authentic Irish meal. We finished our unit study of Chemistry, read lots and lots of books, made some music, and squeezed in a few math lessons when the kids were up to it.

We ended our week by finally getting out of the house! Today we visited the Sandwich Glass Museum. I'm hoping that everyone is on the mend and that we will begin next week with renewed energy. We'll be learning all about the Galapagos Islands as we get ready for our HS group Geography Fair!

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  1. I wrote this post two days before my brother Derek died. When I re-read this post I hear myself complaining about the colds that the kids had at the time, and how miserable that week was for all of us...and yet I would give anything to go back to that day, to any day really, when Derek was still alive. I read the silly comments he wrote about Dylan's drawings and how he is a follower of our blog, and I know he is gone but I can't bring myself to remove him from the list. I know that there will be no more silly comments, and that any difficult week we may have in the future will pale in comparison to the days I have endured since Derek died. I just miss him so much, every day, in every moment.