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Saturday, January 1, 2011

hellooooooooooooooo 2011

Seeing as how 2010 was an absolutely terrible year for me and my family, I'm very excited that 2011 has arrived, a crisp and sunny day bringing with it the promise of new beginnings and fresh hope. Don't you just love New Year's Day? I love that one can promise to be their best self - thinner, kinder, healthier, gentler, more patient, and what have you. Yet by Jan. 2 those things seem like a long-forgotten dream as you bark at your kids to just 'hurry up and clean up their rooms or we will cancel Christmas for next year!!!' while scoffing down another cookie. Ah, New Years.

DG and I spent a quiet night at home with the kids last night, hearing their new year's resolutions and thinking up some of our own, from the serious to the not so much. (like mine that includes finally organizing our art closet aka 'the closet from hell' or as my husband lovingly refers to it, 'the fred flinstone closet' My hope is that by the end of 2011 it will not take us 45 minutes to find the correct paint bottle.)We made some delicious homemade pizza and fried dough, a delicious, artery-clogging family favorite. I had meant to go to the party store and at least pick up some party hats and blowers, but never did get around to it, so suffice it to say that our night was very, very quiet, and very, very nice. D was the only one to make it to midgnight! We tucked two sleepy girls in at 8:30, DG was right behind them, and I surrendered at 11. I blame it on the martini and Christmas-induced traumatic stress disorder. Perhaps next year I will actually make it to midnight. There you go, a new resolution.

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  1. Happy New Year!!! That sounds like a LOVELY New Year's Eve! The ONLY reason CJ and I made it to midnight was because KM was at a party and I had to pick her up! Oh to be a teenager again!
    Good Luck on the closet!