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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

Man it was hot today! I love New England. Last weekend I was gardening in my fleece coat and wondering if it would ever warm up aroudn here, and today it was 95 degrees and humid. I spend much of the winter and early spring wondering why it is that we live here, in this cold, gray, barren part of the world - but on days like today when the flowers are blooming and the vegetables and herbs that we planted on a cool spring day are growing tall and strong, I remember why.

We spent most of the morning indoors, reading books, playing music, and wrapping up a few remaining items to round out our homeschooling year. Then the kids raced out after lunch to get the sprinklers going. Is there anything better than running through the icy water from a sprinkler on a hot day?

Now that the weather is warm we try to bring the chicks out every day to scratch, peck, munch on bugs, and get used to outside living. We're hoping to get their coop set up in the next week or two, by which time it should be warm enough for them to move outside permanently. We've had our chicks for a month now and they are looking much less like babies and more like chickens.

We're wondering if this gal, Flower, is really a he-bird? Any chicken experts out there want to weigh in on this?

No, I did not grow these incredible peonies, but I might just make it my life's mission to do so. Aren't they amazing? A friend gave them to me and my entire house smells like a sweet, sweet rose.

We are planning to wrap up our homeschooling year tomorrow and celebrate with the performance of D's play, Much Ado About Nothing. We can't wait to see it! Happy weekend!

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