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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I recently visited Kentucky, along with D, to celebrate my Dad's 65th birthday. We bought him a t-shirt that said "In Dog Years I'm Dead" (couldn't resist) and a new set of horseshoes, which he loves to play.
While we were there we visited the Louisville Science Museum, and did some fishing and swimming. Louisville is a beautiful city and these are some of my favorite pics of the trip.
Back at home we've been busy with homelearning, activities, and lots of music making. But I haven't been posting much lately because it seems that when I do finally find the time to add to our blog, I encounter technical problem after technical problem with Blogger. I've tried the new interface, as well as the old, but things just don't seem to be jiving. I should have prefaced that statement by saying that I am in no way a technology whiz. But I am thinking of making a change to Wordpress at some point in the near future. Any thoughts? Any blogging experts want to weigh in on this?


  1. Hey Katie,

    It doesn't get any easier than Blogger. Seriously.

    Wordpress is 10 times as much work. It's *open source* and you have to deal with site registraion, hosting, plugins, upgrades, and let me tell you....you really can't block spam that well.

    Blogger is easy street! Email me anytime with questions. I've never had any problems with it in 6+ years.

    Remember me? Check out my new website to jog your memory:


  2. thanks for the advice! it may just be that my PC is super old so it's hard to know why some things don't seem to be jiving with blogger. hey, i love your new webstie - your kids are amazing. i'd love to hear your strategies for teaching math. i think your little guy could teach me at this point! tell him i say hi!