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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My favorite part of our homeschooling day is when we put our math and language arts learning aside, to get ready for science, history, and the arts. These are the subjects that make life vibrant, enriching, and interesting. There is nothing like watching your child's face the first time they learn about Egyptian mummification! Or watching their intense focus in the middle of a science experiment. Or their joy when they've learned a new song, or finished a new drawing and can't wait to share it with you.
Right now we spend about an hour or two every Monday and Friday afternoon learning about Biology, and every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday learning about Ancient History. Biology is a great subject for little ones, because most of the content is tangible. Plants, animals, and people are all readily available in our immediate environment. This year, D is learning quite a bit about cells and micro-organisms as well. Right now I'm using Real Science 4 Kids with D and R.E.A.L Science Odyssey with J. These curriculum have almost identical subject material, geared to different levels fo learning, so it's easy to teach one topic to both children simultaneously. D has just about finished up Real Science 4 Kids, so we'll be switching to ClassiQuest Science when we begin learning about the human body. We just finished a 2 month-long study of cells, taxonomy, and botany. We learned so much about plants!
We covered the leaves of this plant to see what happens to the chloroplasts when they don't get any light.
The leaf after 3 weeks.
We added food coloring to water to see how the stems of plants deliver water and nutrients to the leaves and flowers.

Checking out a seed coat that has been removed from the seed.
Finding the embryo and cotyledon in a seed.

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