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Monday, November 22, 2010

birds of a feather

We have had a rough week here in the GB household. J has been sick now for a week with a terrible cold and cough that keeps her up most of the night. K has recovered from a 24 hour stomach bug only to catch J's cold. Hubby and I are fully exhausted after staying up most nights with the girls, and only D seems his usually bouncy, cheerful self. At least one of us is healthy and well-rested.

Despite her cold, J has been learning about birds the past few weeks. We've talked and read about how they fly and find their way during migration, what they eat and how they care for their babies. I am always amazed by the knowledge of animals that my children have, but especially of birds. They know the names of so many different birds, I can't keep up with them. Both D and J love to draw birds and even K will come running to tell me there is a downy woodpecker or northern cardinal at the birdfeeder. D can often be found pouring over his audubon field guide to birds of North America, and John James Audubon is one of his personal heroes.

This week we matched different feathers to a picture of the bird they belong to. I ordered the feather kit from http://nature-watch.com/. I love their nature science materials and we have used many of their kits over the years. Last year when we learned about owls I brought out the owl dissection pellets. D took one look and the mass of fur and bones that had been regurgitated by an owl and yelled "awesome" while J scrunched up her nose in disgust and said, "I am not touching that". I'm glad the feather kit was greeted with greater enthusiasm.

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