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Saturday, November 13, 2010

fiesta masks

The kids made some paper mache fiesta masks to wrap up our study of South America. This was a fun, messy project that they enjoyed very much - the mixing, smearing, and painting were all very toddler-friendly and K jumped right in. J was a bit grossed out by the slimy paper mache feeling and refused to touch it, but she was able to use a paint stick to spread hers around. D tried to make his mask as ridiculous looking as possible and I love how it turned out. They are a colorful addition to our school/play room!


  1. Hallo Katy!Das sieht toll aus! liebe Grüße aus München!

  2. Hallo meine freundin! Ya, the masks look bizarre! But they had fun making them - all about the process ;)
    Alles liebe aus Massachusetts!