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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

hand trees

I love Modge Podge. I can't knit, sew, crochet, embroider, paint, or draw particularly well, but give me a can of gloopy, gooey glue and I am all over it. I saw this beautiful craft posted first on facebook (thanks Erica!) and decided it was right up our alley. You can find all the details at

I decided to make ours using fall colors to decorate our mantle for Thanksgiving. I love the way they came out, and my three did them all on their own (aside from K who needed help arranging her leaves). We used fabric remnants and inexpensive fabric squares that I bought at a fabric store, and modge-podged them to canvas. I initially thought I would cover the canvas with darker fabric, but liked the contrast of the bright leaves on the white canvas so didn't end up covering it after all. I did all the tracing and cutting. The kids did all the modge-podging. I love that each tree is unique and look forward to decorating our mantle with their trees for years to come. Happy Fall!


  1. I think I have to copy this Katy. SO awesome!

  2. they look fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing this with me. You know, I've been tempted to remake mine in fall colors and switch them out. Maybe next year.

  3. That looks FANTASTIC! I am gonna have to try that with K and the Littles!

  4. thanks everyone! this was such a fun, relaxing project. the kids really enjoyed being able to do the designing and gluing themselves.