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Monday, February 28, 2011

addicted to knitting

This is my latest knitting project. Yes, I know, it's another scarf. But this time I decided to go with something slightly more challenging than a scarf created entirely using the knit stitch, and went for a scarf created entirely using the knit stitch with stripes! I used a really chunky, organic cotton yarn for this scarf and I'm not sure I like it as much as the thinner wool I have been using. But I love the colors that D picked out. Now I'm thinking of trying something a bit more challenging, like a blanket (which is really just a big scarf) or a cute little pocket purse for each of my girls that I have a pattern for. Which also means learning to follow a pattern, so we'll see which one wins out. But first, an alpaca scarf for me that I 've already started.

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