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Sunday, February 13, 2011

can you feel the love tonight?

If you can not, for some reason, feel the love, can you at least feel the sugar high? Because we all consumed a whole lotta sweet stuff today.
We spent the weekend crafting and of course baking to get ready for Valentine's Day. The kids made Valentine gnomes out of hershey kisses to give to their friends in our Home Schooling group at today's Valentines Day party. We made cupcakes and cupcake balls dipped in melted chocolate for treats. I found some great vintage valentines and gave one to each of the kids this morning. They had a great time with all their homeschooling friends, handing out valentines and going through their bag to find their favorites from special friends.
DG is away in Tawain for Valentine's Day this year, which is a little sad, but we celebrated over the weekend with a nice night out with friends and family at a wine tasting/auction to benefit the Scituate Animal Shelter. So this year I got to spend Valentines Day with my three wee ones, watching them play with their friends and consume vast ammounts of sugar, which if you ask me is not a bad way to spend the day.

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